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This page has been hit times by suburban bubs and suburban thugsters like peewee

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It's time it's time it's Hot Dog Time . I'm back!!!!! and the HDG is to and ready to whip some ass . I brought the HDG back cause of our recent success with BUB Records and the HDG helps add character to it . The HDG is also a group in the B.w.O. which will dominate over all and I will get that belt so get use to it but anyway check out the page while eating cut up Hot Dogs in ramens I promise you will enjoy. If you want info. on HDG or B.w.O. email me at

Yo it's summer time foo time to check out the BUB's Summer schedule more will be added every once and awhile but what I feel is gonna be the biggest event this summer is the BBQ so get your tickets now cause it's gonna hit you in the face like a stone logger sandwhich

here is to the jerk that ruined the best thing Old BHG ever had.